Kasia Glowicka (1979, Poland) received her doctoral degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. She is currently lecturing at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.  Her artistic output embraces musical media of all types collaborating with stage directors, choreographers, visual artists, musicians and conductors on original works for opera, dance and symphonic orchestra. Her works are distinguishable by their force of expression and colour. They have sought out a unique language which she complements through the use of computer technology, both as a musical instrument and a compositional tool.

Kasia’s works have been premiered by renowned international ensembles and soloists (Ensemble Recherché, Ensemble De Ereprijs, Holland Symfonia, the Netherlands Vocal Laboratorium /VocaalLab Nederland/, Jonathan Peter Kenny, etc.) at prestigious musical events (Biennale di Venezia, Warsaw Autumn, De Suite Muziekweek at De Ijsbreker, Gaudeamus Music Week, the Musica Electronica Nova in Poland, International Women in New Music Festival in California, ICMC in Barcelona, etc.). She is a recipient of several awards at the Bourges competition, Musica Sacra, BMW!Crash, etc.

Perpetuity, for strings and electronics (2008)
The piece is a part of the cycle Presence comprising pieces that derive its aesthetics from Bergmans’ movies by building emotional tension from very simple, limited material. The computer forms an alienated dimension complementing the timbre of the string ensemble. At the same time it is also a contrast to the reverberation of rich frequencies of the instruments. The static character is deceiving – the piece is moving forward to a higher emotional state. It is like stepping into the river that can never be the same, although seems so familiar.

Perpetuity was written for Scottish Ensemble as part of SPNM’s 2008/09 season and premiered during the Sound Festival of New Music in Aberdeen (UK).