Dorothea Hofmann (1961, Germany) studied choir direction, piano, philosophy and musicology. She lives in Munich and teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

As an artist she was first internationally known as a pianist, winner of the 1993 International Gaudeamus Competition for the performance of contemporary music at Rotterdam, and recorded numerous works of the 20th century music for the Bavarian Radio. Now the major part of her artistic work is dedicated to composition. In 2006 she received the First Prize at the Herbert-Baumann-Competition for Composition for her sextet Tagtraum (Daydream) for 2 mandolins and string quartet, and was awarded the artists-scholarship of the Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza in Venice.

Her work includes large scale orchestra pieces and chamber music of various instruments, Lieder and solo works. Some of her music is published at Verlag 4’33”, Edition Wunn and Vogt & Fritz.

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Myrten und Platanen (Myrtles and Plane-trees), five scenes for piano trio
The nucleus of the piece was a folksong from Cyprus, the text being a reflection about life and eternity. The plane-trees and the myrtles are symbols of infinity: nature is our relation to space and eternity. The music is also related to the folksong – short motives originating from the song now grow new melodies, working like seeds. The original-melody circling around itself thus now gets opened and investigates her formerly hidden possibilities. And so, the 5 scenes hold different aspects of life: energetic start, poetic reflection, confusions, wild dance and a peaceful end like closing the circle.

The text of the folksong:
I, the shepherd, was born in a fold and here in the fold my strained body will await death some day.
Hail thou, pines and plane-trees and ye loving myrtles – ye who know not the old age, nor death.

I Ruhig, aber in stetiger Bewegung
tranquillo, ma sempre con movimento
II. Myrten und Platanen (myrtles and plane-trees)
III. Lontano, geheimnisvoll
lontano, misterioso
IV. Energiegeladen, sehr körperlich und tanzend
Con energia, molto fisico e ballando
V. Epilog (epilog)