Ahmet Yürür – An intellectual in his seventies, the composer is still a pioneer using music as a communication channel to reach the audiences. He had composition studies at the Ankara Conservatory (Turkey), French Literature at the Sorbonne (France), a PhD in Ethnomusicology in Maryland, and doctoral studies in composition at the Indiana University (USA). He is the founder/art director of two international festivals (Ankara, İstanbul). Presently, he is presiding a new coop active in Southern and Souteastern Turkey (Izmir).

Arioso e Aria Cabaletto, a scene from the opera Gulbaba
This work is based on a similarity between the South Wind (the lodos) and the underlying wild nature that rules the lives of human beings. The lodos stirs the bottom of the sea and drags back to our shores many significant objects that mankind has disposed of and wishes to forget. Existential realities are there, even if they are suppressed into the oblivion, awaiting a lodos wind to float them to the agenda.

In this work, the Arioso contains solo viola sectionsof an explosive character that are senza misura, whereas the Aria follows the three-beat continuum of a traditional bel canto song.