Dmitry Lybin (1963, Minsk) studied musicology at the Gnessin Music Institute in Moscow, where he graduated with honours in 1986, and composition with Dmitry Smolsky at the Belorussian Academy of Music in Minsk, where he graduated in 1994; he attended postgraduate studies at St.-Petersburg Conservatory with Sergey Slonimsky and at Warsaw Academy of Music with Stanislaw Skoczinski. He has taught orchestration and score reading at the Belarussian State Academy of Music in Minsk.

His music has been performed in Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, including the ISCM World Music Days (1999, Bucharest/Chisinau).

He co-founded the Belarussian Society for Contemporary Music in 1990 and served as its permanent secretary since 1991 and as its chairman since 2001.

La maison avec une spectre (The house with a specter) was composed for French cellist Benjamin Carat from Lion and performed first time in his solo recital in Montreal, Canada, November 2004. It is the kind of musical joke reminding in fragments well-known tunes from operas of French composers J. Bizet (divination of Carmen) and A-E-M. Gretry (tune from Richard Couer-de-lion used also by P. Tchaikovski in The Queen of  Spades as the song of  Countess). Special sonorities are applied for imitating (creak of door, steps, cock crowing) and achieving a “mystic effect”.

Darkness in the concert hall is recommended during the performance of the piece.