Katarina Miljković graduated in composition from the Belgrade Faculty of Music where she also acquired her M. Mus. Degree. She studied with Vlastimir Trajković. She moved to Boston (USA) where she got her docotoral degree at one of the prestigious universities – the New England Conservatory of Music where she now teaches. Her lectures focus on the interdisciplinary relations of music and visual arts, nature and natural sciences.

Katarina Miljković’s works are well known to former Yugoslavia audience since they were performed at the most renowned festivals such as: BEMUS, Music in Serbia, The Review of Yugoslav Composers and Zagreb Music Biennale. Her piece Rondo, Sequence for string orchestra was performed at concerts of the Belgrade String Orchestra Dušan Skovran in China, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia and Great Britain. Her piece Chiope was played by the Belgrade Philharmonics, Belgrade Radio and Television Orchestra, Athens Symphonic Orchestra and broadcast throughout Europe. Katarina Miljković has been awarded Josip Slavenski Award, Vasilije Mokranjac Award  of the Univeristy of Arts, Faculty of Music in Belgrade and with October Award of the City of Belgradefor young artists.

Katarina Miljković composed for different ensembles, such as saxophone quartet, rock and funk bands, percussions, prepared pianos and electronics. Her interest in relations between nature, science and music led her to the work of French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot The Fractal Geometry of the Nature and complex structures based on repetition of the natural models at the various scales. The cycle Forest for two prepared pianos and percussion based on the concept of the fractal geometry of nature has been released by Schaimay Records, label based in NYC, specialized in new music.

Katarina Miljković has been working on the musical transposition of “simple computer programes” from the New Kind of Science by English scientist, Stephen Wolfram. Her research in this new field Katarina Miljković has presented at various conferences: New Kind of Science (Bostonu, 2004) and Washington (2006), Wolfram Technology Conference (2005), Champaign, Illinois, music festival soundAxis (Toronto, 2006), International Conference Music, Computation, Mathematics, MCM 2007 in Berlin, CyberArts i Cambridge Science festivals in Boston.

White City, for violin, electronics and video (2008)
The piece was composed for Ana Milosavljević’s concert in the Times Center in NYC. The foundation of the piece is a 12-minutes long documentary on Terazije I’ve recorded in the summer of 2007. The form of the piece follows the spontaneous motion of the eye that watches landscape, passengers, traffic and buildings with no particular intention. The electronically mastered documentary sound recording is transformed by the presence of the violin part that brings about fragments of Serbian spiritual chant and brings these together with natural city sound. The video develops in several ways in the same time that from abstract forms transform into documentary, originally recorded material. The imaginativeness and skill of the video editor Milan Popović contributed a lot to the final result of visual aspect of this piece devoted to Belgrade.