Anica Sabo (Serbia) graduated and obtained her master’s degree at the Department of Composition of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and for two years she studied at the Department of Wind Instruments (bassoon). She began her doctoral studies in 2007 at the Department of Art Theory and Media of the University of Art in Belgrade. She is associate professor at the Department of Music Theory of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She was also visiting lecturer at the other institutions of higher education in the country (Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Cetinje and Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade).

Her work focuses equally on composition and music theory. As a composer, she creates in the field of orchestral music but is primarily oriented toward the chamber sound. Her work in the field of music theory and analysis focuses on the different aspects of musical form. Specifically, she examines the question of the manifestation of symmetry in a musical form, while the study of Serbian music represents an important part of her work.

Three Scraps, wind quintet
Three Scraps is a sonic record of brief recollections from the past. The first brings a deeply personal experience of a children’s melody, the second is the echo of a joke “told” before the listeners, while the third is a reference to a melody from a composition created some twenty years ago. The attitude to the ensemble and the treatment of all musical parameters is a continuation of the pursuit of the musical expression that was established in previous works (especially in the Wind Trio). The work was created in 2007 and represents a new version of the composition of the same name written two years before. It is dedicated to composer and theoretician Berislav Berko Popović.