Andrea L. Tarrodi (1981, Sweden) started playing the piano and the oboe at the age of 8, becoming interested in composition shortly thereafter.

She studied composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with, among others, Pär Lindgren and Marie Samuelsson, Conservatiorio di Musica di Perugia, Italy with Fabio Cifariello-Ciardi and The College of Music in Piteå with Jan Sandström.

Andrea completed her master´s degree in composition at The Royal College of  Music in Stockholm in 2009.

She writes for many types of ensembles, and is particularly interested in vocal and orchestral music. Her works have been performed by, among others, Musica Vitae, KammarensembleN, Eric Ericsons Chamber Choir, Stockhom Wind Orchestra, Östgöta Wind Orchestra, Christian Lindberg & Roland Pöntinen and Trio Klingberg/Mannheimer/Wijk./

Akacia was comissioned by Trio Klingberg/Mannheimer/Wijk. The piece comprises two themes: one first presented in violin and cello in the beginning and the other first presented in a melody in octaves played by the piano.

Acacias are trees, also known as thorntrees, whistling thorns or wattles. The music was inspired by the tree´s natural sculptural qualities.