Božidar Obradinović (1974) graduated in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2002, the class of Zoran Erić. He participated as a composer and performer in numerous festivals, such as International Review of Composers (1998, 2000, 2002, 2005), World Music Festival – Niš (2001), Ring-Ring (2001), Belef (2002, 2005), Interzone – Novi Sad (2002), EXIT – Novi Sad (2003). As a composer and pianist he is active in the Flat Sky project, and as a percussionist he collaborated with the world music ensemble Shirautfila. He wrote music commissioned by the LeoSmith Foundation from Amsterdam, the Italian contemporary music ensemble Sentieri selvaggi, Belef Festival (Composers – Performers project) and BEMUS.

Tango, for seven players

The composition is based on a theme by Eric Satie and its five variations. The theme itself is accompanied by a note: “Tango is a dance of the Devil. His favorite. He dances it in order to cool off. His wife, his daughters and servants catch a cold in this way.