Tatjana Milošević was born in 1970 in Vranje. She took her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Department of Composition and Orchestration, Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of Zoran Erić. She is an assistant at the same Faculty and the same Department. During her studies, she participated in master classes at home and abroad: a course in electro-acoustic music (Marco Stroppa) and a composition course (Ligeti) at the International Bartok Seminar in Szombathely, Hungary; Summer Course for Young Composers Kazymierz Dolny, Poland (Luis Andriessen, Krzystof Penderecki), Summer Courses for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany (I. Pag-Pan, B. Ferneyhough,

K. Stockhausen) etc. In 2001 she took part in a multimedia project organized by Fort Asperen and UNESCO with her piece for electronics Tribute to Fort Honswijk 2001.

Her compositions were performed in major festivals and concerts of contemporary music at home and abroad (Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Holland, the USA, Germany). She collaborated with renowned ensembles and performers such as Het trio (Holland), De Ereprijs (Holland), Creo (USA), Intercontemporain (France).

In 1997 she was the representative of Yugoslavia at the World Music Days in Seoul, with her composition The Splendor of Betelgeuse or the Secret of the Red Giant.

In 2002, at the contest of the Arnheim Dance Academy she was selected to write a ballet, which was performed at the Groeten uit Arnhem Festival under the title of CoinciDanceby the chamber ensemble DeEreprijs from Apeldorn (Holland) at the Schouwburg Theater. In the same year at the Belgrade Music Festival, the Zagreb Trio performed her composition Spyro. She won the September 7 Award of the city of Vranje for outstanding achievements in the domain of education and culture in 1994, Third Prize at the Fourth International Review of Composers (1995), Second Prize at the International Students’ Competition GradusadParnassumin Kiev (1995), First Prize at the Seventh International Review of Composers in Belgrade in the category of students’ works (1998), Vasilije Mokranjac Award of the Faculty of Music (2003).

The Splendor of Betelgeuse or the Secret of the Red Giant was inspired by the cold gigantic star, the second largest in the Orion constellation on the northern sky. Due to its twinkling, Betelgeze radiates the most diverse nuances of orange and red which alternate very rapidly. Should our eyes become sensitive to this sort of radiation, we would be enchanted by a new and unusual look of Betelgeze. The musical material of the composition personifies this spectral twinkling, and the course of music starts from the phenomenon of irregular but predictable periods of the changing splendor which are caused by the star’s pulsations.