Goran Kapetanović was born in Sisak in 1969. He graduated in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in1996, the class of Zoran Erić. Until 1999 he was engaged as assistant at the Departments of Composition and Music Theory.

- A Brief Account of the Inexorable and Tragic Course of Destiny Which Led the Little Mermaid’s Fragile Being into Total Disaster

TATOO is: A Fake. A Work. A Sight. A Picture. A Message. Violence. Error. Intention. Shame. Provocation. Memory. Effect. Erotica. Pain. MEANING.

TATOO (musically) is a set of musical actions and relations, aiming to establish a meaning underneath the layers of mass production. Within each new piece, the rules could (and I think they should) be new. Therefore, it is much more important (and much more difficult) to create new rules successfully (a positive attitude) than to try to distance oneself from all exhisting rules (a negative attitude).