Dejan Despić born in 1930 in Belgrade, a composer, writer on music, pedagogue, studied composition with Marko Tajčević and conducting with Mihajlo Vukdragović at the Belgrade Academy of Music, where later he taught theoretical subjects, retired as full professor (1995). He is a full member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences. He composed more than 150 works in all genres except music for stage. Particularly numerous are his works composed for piano (solo, piano duo), various chamber ensembles and concertos.

- A cinque

In the series of my works from the past several years, associated mainly with poetic texts as vocal, or a “motto” as instrumental, A cinque is an oasis of “pure” music which had previously prevailed in my works. The original titled was Music for Wind Quintet, but the current title “in five” underscores the collaboration of performers which is necessary down to the minutest details. The titles of the seven movements Intrada, Mascia, Pastorale, Scherzo, Ostinato, Danza, Moto perpetuo indicate the character of each of them only in a most general way.

The work was composed in 1994.