Miloš Petrović, born in Belgrade 1952, a Serbian pianist, composer and writer; graduated in piano at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade 1974, obtained a master’s degree in harpsichord. Currently professor of harpsichord and chamber music at the Faculty of Music. As a player of piano and harpsichord he performs classical music, but also his own compositions for piano solo and various ensembles. Plays jazz, especially ethno in the mane of jazz fusion. He is a member of several jazz and classical ensembles and performs throughout Europe.

He composes music inspired by traditional music from the Balkans and Mediterranean, and his major project is in the domain of ethno jazz History of Byzantium on several CDs. He also writes prose. He published novels The Life of Mardaria the Monk (1993) and Michael from Peć (2002), and a book of short stories Levant above Levant (1996).