Konstantin Babić (1927) studied composition with Milenko Živković at the Music Academy in Belgrade. He worked first at the Mokranjac School of Music, and afterwards, from 1966 till retirement at the Faculty of Music.

He wrote a large number of compositions of various genres, from cantata to symphonic and chamber orchestras, chamber and piano pieces, songs and choral works, to musical, ballet and opera.

He is also active as a music critic, translator and author of many articles on contemporary music life, as well as textbooks (Orchestration, 2002; memoirs On the Margins of Mokranjac Days, 2002…).

He was awarded the Stevan Mokranjac Award for choral work (1970, 1971, 1972, 1983, 1985), Broadcasting Company Award form the work The Levač Suite (1972), Vuk Karadžić Award (1988) and many other recognitions.