Svetlana Savić (1971, Belgrade) graduated composition with Srđan Hofman, and got MA with Zoran Erić at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Works as an assistant at the Composition and orchestration Department at the Faculty of Music, with Srđan Hofman and Milan Mihajlović.

In the past International Composers’ Reviews the following compositions of hers were performed: Clinical quartet for baritone and piano, Poor Sad Don Huan’s Daughter for soloists, women choir and electronic instruments, Quincunx for string orchestra, Totemsfor nonet, Sustineo for symphonic orchestra, Songs about Stars for women choir and chamber orchestra and Re-versions for chamber ensemble. Re-versions had been performed before at BEMUS, as a commission of this festival. Composition Solo for female voice, clarinet and string orchestra was performed in Banja Luka as a commission of the festival ‘Days of Vlada S. Milošević’. A View at the Scenery Painted by Tea for cello and piano was performed by Neda Hofman and Srdjan Sretenovi} at the concerts in Namibia and South African Republic, as well as during the series “Musica viva”. From the broken…island, a song to the verses of Jelena Marinkov, was performed at ‘Tisa Dawns’ 2005., while D-versions for tape at the festival “Elektronischen Frühlings” in Vienna, also in 2005. The new compositions from ‘the series of versions’ are Extraversions for symphony orchestra and Trans-versionsfor string orchestra.

- Quincunx

Quincunx was inspired with the Lawrence Durell’s novel The AvignonQuintet. The similarities between the piece and the structure of the novel are unintentional, but also unavoidable.