Ivan Brkljačić was born in 1977 in Belgrade. In 1994 he became a student of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Composition, the class of Srđan Hofman. He graduated in 2001, and obtained a master’s degree in 2005 in the class of Zoran Erić. During his studies he composed pieces for solo, chamber ensembles, choir and symphony orchestra. He attended master classes for young composers in Ohrid, Warsaw, Graz and Ostrava (the Czech Republic). Since his third undergraduate year Ivan Brkljačić has been writing music for stage productions.

The compositions of Ivan Brkljačić were performed at the International Review of Composers in Belgrade (including the piece Cutting Edge commissioned by this festival). Also, his works were performed in Romania, Hungary, France, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Brazil and Sweden. His work Where is DLM was commissioned by the Belgrade Summer Festival 2005, as part of the cycle I want to be a rock and roll star. In the season of 2005/06 Belgrade Philharmonic premiered his composition The Ticking of a Long Forgotten Clock, commissioned by the orchestra. The same season saw the first concert devoted exclusively to his music, held at the “Mokranjac” School of Music in Belgrade.

During 1999-2005 he taught Music Forms at the Secondary School of Music “Mokranjac” in Belgrade, and in 2005/06 he became assistant at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Music Theory Department.

He won the Mokranjac Award in 2004 for his composition When the Curtain Rises Seven Times for symphony orchestra.

He was the selector of 16th and 17th Composers’ Reviews.

Three Little Absurdities for flute, viola and harp
The composition was commissioned by the Belgrade trio Timbre in the summer of 2007. Various absurd situations from everyday life I have tried to transpose into the absurd treatment of the instruments of the trio. Thus, among other things, the flute has been assigned the role of the bass instrument, the viola supplies harmony, and the leading melody is entrusted to the harp. In addition, the absurdity influenced the form, articulation, dynamic relationships…. While writing this piece I have had in mind the shortest absurd drama of Eugene Ionesco Les Salutations.