Valentina Velkovska-Trajanovska (1976) graduated from the Faculty of Music in Skopje, Macedonia as a theory major in 2001. Later on, she enrolled in the composition department, working with Tomislav Zografski. She graduated composition in the class of Tome Manchev. She has obtained a master degree at the department of Theory of orchestration, in the class of Tome Manchev. She teaches music at the Faculty of Music, at the Univeristy Goce Delcev of Shtip, Macedonia. Velkovska has participated at international seminars, festivals and conferences for composition, film and electronic music in Macedonia, England and Czech Republic working with Sarijaaho, Andriessen, Saunders, Godiber, Wiegold, Vulrich and others. Her creative opus encompasses different genres: among others, solo, choral, chamber and orchestra works. She has received numerous international and state awards and scholarships.

Toward the cliff

Composition Toward the cliff signifies my view off the human existence. The main structural elements are personal ascension and tendency toward fulfilling a goal and the struggle and resignation with oneself and the others.