Milimir Drašković (1952, Sarajevo) is a composer, conductor, multi-media artist, producer and publisher. He graduated in composition at the Academy of Music in Belgrade, in the class of Vasilije Mokranjac. He studied conducting with Borislav Pašćan, with whom he founded the Young Philharmonic of Belgrade. He was a member of the Ensemble for Second New Music, and avant- garde groups of composers New Generation, Opus 4 and Yummbel. He is one of the founders of the film production house Movement and musicians’ association Vertical Jazz. He has also founded the art studio Music Design. His carried on his musical activities as a prominent freelance artist. He lives and works in Belgrade.

He wrote music for all kinds of ensembles and occasions (computer, electronics, film, TV, theater…). The principal characteristics of his music are serialism, minimalism, and for the most part post- minimalism.

He also created works in other media: film, video, photography, installations, graphic, multi- media… His works have been performed in many countries.

LP Fragment
The composition LP Fragment belongs to the cycle LP music created for the Piano duo LP whose members are outstanding for their views on new contemporary music and art.

As a motto for this collaboration served a quote from the literary writings of Raša Todosijević: “All musicians in their musical histories ought to discern and disable the demon which prevents them from freely breathing and freely expressing themselves: the breathe freely may not so much be in accordance with the spirit of the time as it is in accordance with the spirit of every art; all musicians, no matter how much inspiration they draw from the glorious past – and any past would be glorious in itself merely be being the past – must rid themselves of the prejudices of today”.

The thematicism of the piece sides it with the cycle of works titled Chilandar Manuscript based on neumatic notation from the Chilandar Monastery, and its possible perception today.