Norbert R. Stammberger is living and working in Munich, Germany. He studied music and philosophy and obtained M.A. degree in 1989 with Dr. Eberhard Simons, Munich. He studied composition with H. G. Leonhardt, arrangement with Tom van der Gelt and Manfred Schoof, saxophone with Herb Geller and Jürgen Seefelder, in Hamburg and Munich, and composition with Malcolm Earl Waldron in New York.

He has co-operated with artists of international renown from the fields of music, literature and the fine arts: Allen Ginsberg, Fred Frith, Peter Brötzmann, Ernst Fuchs, Amon Düül, Pavel Faijt. He was the artistic leader of various ensembles, theatres, etc

Significant performances: in 2005, first performance of …effect…affekt…nofect… for two flutes (commissioned by the Munich Society of Contemporary Music, MGNM); in 2007, Studio Session re-recording no. 29.3006.06 for E-guitar and grand orchestra, with the Bavarian Broadcasting Orchestra, Munich; in 2008, performance of code 11, Poem II, and presentation of re-blowings for prepared saxophones at the 44th Summer Course for Contemporary Music in Darmstadt, Germany; two Studio Sessions with the Bavarian Broadcasting Orchestra: with re-recording no. 35.070731.1826 for prepared altosaxophone and grand orchestra and with A Prophecy for voice (alto) and grand orchestra (text by Allen Ginsberg, Highway Poesy, The Fall of America).

re-recording no. 29.30006.06, for e-guitar and grand orchestra

The composition re-recording no. 29.3006.06 for e-guitar and grand orchestra was created by Norbert R. Stammberger for a production with the Bavarian Broadcasting Orchestra, Munich, initiated by the German Composers Association and the Composers Club, in 2006 and produced with the orchestra in 2007. The performance at the 17th Composers Review in Belgrade will be the 1st live and international performance.

At first, Re-recording was only a recording technique. Pieces played from CD or tape were re- recorded on one or more tracks, similar to the multitrack method. From this point Norbert R. Stammberger created a composing method by taking compositions – from colleagues or his own ones – and re-recording them in a dissipating way, using aleatoric, intuition and cuts by accident. The result resembles improvised music. For live performances there is no common rehearsal necessary, this is very practical and effective: each musician could rehearse his part alone by himself. Also, during the performance new aspects of the composition emerge in a very accidental and exciting way. Never heard rhythms and sounds are coming together, also surprisingly for the performers.

re-recording no. 29.3006.06 was composed strictly for e-guitar and grand orchestra, but with that background of accidentally playing. The situation is the following: a guitar player comes to a studio, where also an orchestra is working. He is checking his amplifier and the orchestra begins its rehearsal. More and more they are coming together and at the end they are doing a concert. This could be a short story of the composition re-recording no. 29.3006.06.