Nana Forte (1981) graduated in composition from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana where she studied with Marko Mihevc. She continued her postgraduate studies at the Hochschule für Musik Carla Maria von Weber in Dresden in the class of Lothar Voigtländer. Since october 2007 is she perfecting her knowledge in a masterclass of composition at the University of Arts in Berlin under well-knowned composer Walter Zimmermann.

Her list of works includes compositions for solo instruments, chamber music, orchestral music and several pieces for choir. Her compositions are being performed all over the Europe. Some of her choral pieces were published and recorded.

In year 2007 she was chosen to represent the Republic of Slovenia in the project European Ensemble Academy, organized by the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat) on the occasion of the German presidency of the European Union. Her piece Chiming (Pritrkavanje), composed for a chamber ensemble especially for this event, has been performed in Dortmund, Bremen, Ljubljana, Rome and Brussels. In August 2007 her orchestral composition Genesis was performed at the festival Young Euro Classic in Berlin with the Ljubljana Music Academy Orchestra and conductor George Pehlivanian and soloists Jože Kotar (Cl.) and Borut Zagoranski (Acc.). In the same year she also presented her piece for choir Libera me  at the Music Biennale Zagreb in Croatia.

Composition Vsaksebi-vsevprek was written in year 2006 and was first performed at the Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2006 festival in Germany with David Alberman (violin) and Carin Levine (flute). It consists of three different parts and presents a musical “play“ between both musicians and can also be a reflection of a daily life situations. It swings between the fear and the wish for the domination, between the resistance and the wish for the correspondence and harmony.