Irena Popović graduated from the Composition Department of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the classes of Srđan Hofman and Zoran Erić. In 2003 she began her further studies at the Mozarteum University with Reinhardt Febel.

Irena Popović’s compositions were performed at festivals, concerts and competitions in Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Australia and the USA. They received awards at various competitions and festivals. She also writes music for various events and exhibitions in Serbia, music for theater plays in Serbia, Italy, Bosnia, as well as film scores.

As a singer and pianist she appeared at the festivals of jazz and improvised music (Kanjiža, Kluj, Budapest, Ulm…), and she is an active improviser in a specific type of workshops in which she collaborates with informal theater companies. Besides composing and live performances, she is also active as a stage manager: she produced Schoenberg’s Pierrot lunaire at the International Review of Composers at the Rex Cinema.

She is the founder of the group Music Material Manufacturers assembling performers and composers working in different surroundings and which insists on the fusion of different forms of artistic expression, with a tendency to become a ”movable musical poetic theater”. Within the group there is a branch named Oh, meine liebe Constanze, devoted to fostering the creative work of women.


Mozart Haydn is one of ten songs from the chamber opera Mozart, Luster Lustik or Ten Music Plays Somewhat Like Opera for narrator, two sopranos, chamber ensemble, choir and rock band. In this composition Mozart is represented through letters he wrote to persons dear to him or through imaginary dialogues he had with “persons of note”, as is the case in the song Mozart/Haydn. Any resemblance to his real life is purely incidental. The text for the song Mozart/Haydn was written by Jelena Novak.