Miloš Petrović (1952) a Serbian pianist, harpsichordist, composer and writer; graduated in piano fromthe Faculty of Music in Belgrade, obtained a master’s degree in harpsichord. Currently professor of harpsichord and chamber music at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

As a player of piano and harpsichord he performs classical music, but also his own compositions for piano solo and various ensembles. Plays jazz, especially his own ethno jazz compositions. He composes music inspired by traditional music from the Balkans and Mediterranean. He composed various electroacoustic pieces, multimedia works and instrumentals that belong to the ‘80s avant- garde. He also writes prose. He published novels The Life of Mardaria the Monk (1993) and Michael from Peć (2002), and a book of short stories Levant above Levant (1996).

Leontius’ Song (2008) for soprano and piano uses text of the homonymous song from the author’s novel About Leontius and Black Girl, a story about the pirate and his cruel girl. The structure of the composition was based on kaleidoscopically arranged different atmospheres and tempos.

Variations for piano are based on the firm structure of harmonic propositions exposed in the author’s theme. This, initially modal stream, is occasionally disintegrated by dramatically virtuoso variations, which spread the tonal curve of modal harmonic structure.