Srđan Hofman was born in Glina 1944. He obtained a diploma on the studies of composition on the Faculty of musical arts 1967 in the class of Stanojlo Rajičić, where he also got his M.A. degree in 1972. He was on advanced study trainings in 1974 in Darmstat, and in 1975 in Stutgart and in Köln. He began his pedagogic career in the School of Music Josip Slavenski 1968. Since 1974 he worked as assistant on the Faculty of Music. He was elected as professor in 1994. A number of now affirmed composers were educate in the class of Srđan Hofman, and they actively participate in arts and culture of the country. He founded tone studio of the Faculty of Music. Along with composing, he practices theoretical work related to issues of contemporary music.

Since 1967 his works were performed in the country and abroad, for which he received many awards. In the period from 1983 to 1989 he performed duty of vice rector of the Faculty of musical arts, and since 1989 to 1998 he was a dean of the Faculty. For the moment he is the vice rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade. Since the year 2000 to 2006 he performed the charge of the executive and plenipotentiary Ambassador of FRY in the Republic of South Africa.

Musical Toys
The piece entitled Musical Toys for amplified instruments (violoncello and double-bass) was composed in summer 22000088. It deals with creating, evolving and disintegrating several possible relationships between the instruments-characters. It also deals with their co-operation in building the sound together, their dialogue, dispute and competition, where one instrument accepts or declines the musical ideas of the other and imposes its own statements……

This general idea of the piece is accompanied with allusions on free “jazzy” improvisation, on irregular bouncing of the rock from the water surface, on repetitiveness of the simple sound models of the musical toys.