Mansoor Hosseini studied composition in Paris with Phillipe Capdenat and Yoshihisa Taïra. Later he joined the theory classes of Peter Swinnen at the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels, and composition classes of Carl-Axel Hall at the Gothenburg Music Academy.

Hosseini works with avant-garde music and theater groups and composes contemporary music for various ensembles around Europe and USA. His creations are inspired by the martial arts, contemporary dance and theater. He researched and studied with composers such as Georges Aperghis who encouraged him to follow this composing style. In 2003, he founded Gothenburg Music & Dance Company (GMDC) with the purpose of combining musicians and actors or even musicians becoming actors, leading to musical theater or, as he prefers to call it, theatrical music. Mansoor is the artistic director of THEMUS, an international musical theatre festival, which will have premiere in October 2009 in Gothenburg. He is currently recording music for short films by Anna Cepinska.

Some of his audio recordings include collaborations with ensemble GMDC, Arte Viva, Les doux compaigns, Julian Julien and the Swedish Composer’s Association.

Four For Four
Four For Four is a cello quartet that is influenced by four composers and their cello music. The four composers are Witold Lutosławski (Cello Concerto), Béla Bartók (String Quartet No. 3), György Ligeti (String Quartet No. 1), and Mansoor Hosseini (String Quartet). The four instruments imitate, oppose and escape from each other with musical lines that demand various techniques and colours.