Ivana Ognjanović graduated from the Department of Composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2000. She pursued master studies of multimedia composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, Germany. Her interest in multimedia brought her in touch with Joanne McGregor who commissioned from Ivana a piece for multimedia project Ultramarine. The piece appeared on McGregor’s CD Play and it was in selection for the Mercury Prize 2002. At the same time, Ivana started her cooperation with the actress Ana Sofrenović, which resulted in music- theatre projects Whole (performed in Cochrane Theatre in London) and Coda (performed at the Terazije Theatre in Belgrade in 2008).

While doing M.A. studies, she worked with German director David Giertner on the project FalshgelD, as a part of the Connecting Media – Multimedia Congress and the concert performance Voiceover in Hamburg, and she worked with the director Maria Popara on musical theatre piece Mozart-Projekt. Ivana Ognjanović performed her own interactive piece PlayWithMe, her external sound installation Lipany was set in Lindenstrasse in Hamburg, commissioned by the city’s Architectural Communal Renovation Planning Office. She was also active as a member of the European Bridges Ensemble. So far Ivana Ognjanović’s work has been presented at a number of festivals: the International Review of Composers in Belgrade, Sallisburry Festival (UK), Connecting Media (Hamburg), Elektronische Nacht (Sttutgart), Making New Waves (Budapest), Bipolar 2007. (Berlin), ICMC 2008 (Belfast) and The Music In The Global Village (Budapest).

Ivana Ognjanović has also collaborated with the singer Julia Henning, pianist Jennifer Hymer, designer Branko Lukić, theatre director Vlatko Ilić and multimedia artist Voislav Klačar.

PlayWithMe, for chamber ensemble

Roulette – Lottery – Scotch – Poker – Black Jack – Scotch – Dice

Life is a game. We play.
Life is fake.

PlayWithMe for chamber ensemble is part of a larger cycle PlayWithMe-WorkInProcess (PlayWithMe-Play for Disklavier and performer; PlayWithMe - interactive spatial installation).