Composer Zoran Hristić (Belgrade, 1938) graduated from the Music Academy in Belgrade in 1963, from the class of Stanojlo Rajičić. Most of the data about his creative opus can be found in the following publications: Composers and Music Authors in Yugoslavia (1986), International Who is Who in Music, Cambridge, Great Britain (1980), The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Area 09 Editors, London (2000), Encyclopedia Britannica (2005), etc.

Ljubišina flauta Antika (Ljubiša’s Flute Antics)
If someone would ask me why I have composed a dedication to Ljubiša Jovanović, I would reply: because he is my true friend and I wouldn’t want to waste words describing his performing skills. If someone asked: why Antics – well, to me, Ljuba leaves that impression.