Milica Paranosić was born in Belgrade where she started her career in music. She graduated from the Faculty of Music, Composition Department. Since 1995 she lives in New York where she obtained her master’s degree in composition at the Julliard School of Music; she is currently professor of electronic music and manager of the Electronic studio at the same school.

She is active as a composer, performing artist, producer, sound designer and pedagogue.

She has won numerous awards, recognitions and grants. She has taken part in many festivals and concerts of contemporary music throughout the world. She is the creator of many of many concerto and multi-media works, music for theater, dance performances, films and video art. She collaborates with artists of various profiles from all over the world…

Tiho noći

Tiho noći (Silent night) is a love lullaby, dedicated to a young American-Croatian couple who got married in New York. Long live love. Without boundaries.