Katarina Miljković began her career in composition in Belgrade where she studied composition at the Faculty of Music with Vlastimir Trajković. In 1992 she went to Boston for doctoral studies at the New England Conservatory of Music. Upon the completion of her studies in 1997 she remained there as professor.

Katarina Miljković investigates the interaction between music, nature and science, through collaborative projects which include performers, mathematicians, video artists and artist of movement.


Awakening (2006) is a composition originated in the quest for the sonic image of the mathematical formula of chaos, Rule 30 of the mathematician Stephen Wolfram, in his book A New Kind of Science. As a result of applying this algorithm, the composition is characterized by long, continuous melody and highly transparent piano accompaniment of unpredictable rhythmic activity. Contrary to what one might expect when “chaos’ is in question, the composition is characterized by outstanding lyrical expression.

A Waltz for Nada

A Waltz for Nada (2006) is a short study of waltz initiated by Nada Kolundžija for her concert tour of the US and Canada titled 20th-Century Waltzes. While the course of music plays around with the waltz rhythm and numbers divisible by 3, the harmonic groundwork is based on waltz fragments from the films created in 1950s and 60s.