Milorad Marinković (1976, Belgrade) graduated from the department of composition and orchestration of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2000, where he studied with Rajko Maksimović. He won the Stevan Hristić Award for his piece Heroic Ouverture for symphony orchestra. He is a graduate student at the department of conducting (in the class of Stanko Šepić) and postgraduate student of composition (with Vlastimir Trajković) at the same faculty.

He was a finalist of the International Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade in 2000. He won third prize at the international competition Pre-Art in Zurich, Switzerland.

His pieces for choir (Zaveštanje Svetog Simeona Mirotočivog i Liturgiju Svetog Jovana Zlatoustog) were performed by Darinka Matić-Marović with choirs Obilić and Collegium musicum and soloists Darko Manić, Vladimir Andrić and Radivoj Simić. As a member of the group of composers Ison (together with Đuro Živković, Oliver Benić and Stefan Mijušković) he organised ten concerts of improvised music in different venues (Students’ Cultural Centre, City Library of Belgrade, School of Music Mokranjac, Faculty of Music). His pieces were presented on concerts in Timisoara and Belgrade. Conductor Aleksandar Đurov performed his piece Capriccio with the Stanislav Binički Orchestra in Belgrade (Dom Vojske, 2006).

He has worked as a music teacher for the past seven years. He was a choir master at several ortodox churches in Belgrade.

Dance of the angels by the mountain stream

An angelic face reflects the rich feelings of love, transformed in songs, dances, sounds and atmospheres.

Heavenly vibrations are the most resonant in the personality of the angel, and the earthly vibrations are the most subtle and tender in the water…

The transfiguration is the inner feeling of beauty of the thousands of faces, inspired by the unique and one of a kind Face of the Lord.

His activity is like water which springs or murmurs like a stream, its waves are formed by the angelic activity and bring the gifts of healing.

Water and angels are the unbroken source of poetry… and the reachness and beauty of the Eternal Life. Dance of the angels by the mountain stream is the first image of the piece Three images for four harps, composed in 2006 and commissioned by the Belgrade Harp Quartet. The other images are called Elegy and Vranjanka.

Dance of the shadows

One shadow is detached from its body and begins a dance of some sort. Its dance reflects its vividness.

The culmination comes in the selfconfirmation or rather in the illusion of selfconfirmation, And its destiny is to disappear in understanding of itself…

It says:
Our life is a shadow and a dream..

The piece was composed for the Pre-Art Chamber Ensemble from Zurich. The ensemble premiered the piece in Sarajevo, and subsequently performed it in Belgrade, Priština, Tirana, Zurich, Geneve and Bern. It has been recorded on CD produced by SONEMUS, Sarajevo.