Monica Lynn’s compositions have been performed throughout the United States with recent premieres in Seoul, South Korea; Beijing, China; Paris, France and Venice, Italy. With a lifelong passion for music composition and a deeply held belief in the power of music to enhance mutual understanding between differing cultures, Lynn’s training and career as a composer is focused on exploring the music of other cultures while continually discovering and refining the individuality of her emerging voice. Monica Lynn will soon complete her Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Composition and World Music at The University of California at Santa Cruz. Lynn’s principal composition instructors include Michel Merlet of Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, David Cope of the University of California at Santa Cruz, and Chen Yi of the University of Missouri at Kansas City.


The idea of solitude permeates this work, exploring the nature of conversation with oneself and the inherent tendency to travel through repeating thought-loops, like well-worn grooves in an old phonograph record.