Nejc Kuhar, guitarist and composer, was born in (b.1987) started to study guitar under the guidance of Anton Črnugelj. Kuhar continued his guitar studies in Vienna; since 2007, he has been studying under the world-renowned guitarist and teacher, Alvar Pierri, while at the same time studying composition under the composer Dr Reiner Bischof. Numerous international prizes have come his way: among others, he received first prize at the competition for chamber ensembles Primož Ramovž 2007. In 2008, he was awarded a grant by the Slovene Ministry of Culture.

So far, he has composed some 40 pieces. He mostly writes for guitar, chamber and solo instruments and has also tried his hand at film and theatre composition. His music is regularly heard in Slovenia, and has also been performed in other countries of Europe. His guitar piece Six miniatures, for each season onE, won at the International Composition Competition at Povoletto; the same event in 2008 got him second prize (for composition Hommage a Erik Satie). He also won at the composition competition at Cecciano in Italy in 2007; the result was a chance to be published by Berben, one of the largest guitar music publishers in the world. He was among the finalists at the International Composition Competition for Double Bass in Paris. In 2007 a program exploring his path as composer and musician was broadcast by Radio Slovenia, as part of their Musical Portraits of young composers’ series.

Kuhar is regularly giving solo and chamber concerts in Slovenia and abroad, playing everything from Baroque, through the Romantic and 20th century repertoire and beyond. What makes his concerts special is the inclusion of his own pieces. He is a successful half of the guitar duo Golob-Kuhar.

Of course!!!
Beauty is one of the most subjective concepts ever. A number of philosophers dealt with the question of beauty, each with his own theory, and so it was even when it came to music.

What was considered beautiful in baroque, was not so in classicism or romanticism – even though romanticism is supposed to seem universally beautiful. What about contemporary music? Is there also beauty in it? That specific something, that will be called beautiful in 200 years from now on? In my composition Of course!!! I tried to find and embody that beauty, so specific for contemporary music. The motivic composition is ‘contemporary beautiful’ with a lot of themes and melodies, sentimentality and musicalness; each small part of composition is so very important, each note bears musicalness. This is how I see the ´modern beauty´!