Darija Andovska

Darija Andovska (1979, Macedonia) graduated composition in the class of Goce Kolarovski at the Faculty for music, Skopje, Macedonia; received her MA degree in the class of Isabel Mundry – ZHdK in Zürich, Switzerland; currently enrolled in DA studies, under the mentorship of Chaya Czernowin, Harvard Institute, USA. Author of chamber, solo, orchestral, symphonic, choral music as well as film music, theater, dance and multimedia projects.

Her works have been performed in Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Ireland, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.

Andovska has won several competitions worldwide. Nominated (2014) and awarded (2013, 2015) the „Virtuoso” award for Best Composer in Macedonia. Took part in MusMA (Music Masters on Air) 2013/2014. Won the Cultural Honor Award of the City of Zürich- Best Composer in 2014.

Works as a docent at the Faculty for music and Faculty for drama in Skopje.

DOrMIrNO is a work structured according to an algorithm (a set of rules that precisely define the order of action), related to the domino effect. Such an approach produced a sort of mechanic quality in the music, which in the course of the piece develops into a contrasting approach, one of controlled aleatorics. The work’s title itself is a combination of two words, dormir (to sleep or to be asleep in French) and domino, referring to the domino effect, which also generates a third meaning, built into the sonority of the piece.