Bojan Barić

Bojan Barić (1955, Serbia/Finland) studied in Prague in the class of Václav Dobiáš (1973–77). Afterwards, in 1977 he founded a puppet theatre in Helsinki where he worked as a composer, actor, director and manager. Working as a director, he collaborated with Finnish television and theatres in Finland, Kenya and Serbia. He also founded a Centre for Puppetry where he has worked as an Art director since 2007. He lives and works in Helsinki where has been writing music for the theatre, films, television and the radio for the past thirty-six years of his career. He received the “Za dobrobit deteta” medal (“For the welfare of a child”) for children’s music and recognitions as the best animator of the technique of puppetry on the festivals in Sweden, Serbia and the Czech Republic. He was the recipient of a the five-year grant (2006–2011) from the Finnish Ministry of Culture for composing new musical theatrical pieces.

From a Children’s Angle – A Serenade for a Doll, Piano, Debussy, Microphone, Logic and Two Speakers and Theremin

This playful piece emerged out of a need for smiling and laughter. All kinds of laughter are welcome. But children’s laughter is always the sweetest.