Szilárd Mezei

Szilárd Mezei (1974, Serbia), composer, violist, bassist, born in Senta, Serbia. Mezei pursues contemporary improvised and comp­osed music on the basis of authentic Hungarian folklore, contemporary serious music, and contemporary jazz. He is the author of over 200 pieces for various chamber and larger ensembles, many of them his own. More than 30 CDs of his music have been released by labels from Hungary, Portugal, Poland, England, France, Sweden, Germany, Canada, the US, and Serbia. He writes incidental music as well. Mezei has won two Sterija Awards, various awards for theatre music, and the Vojvodina Hungarians’ Art Award. He also leads his own ensembles, ranging from trios to large groups, with whom he has performed across Europe and in Japan.

The piece Gyémántrét (Diamond Meadow) for string orchestra was written in 2014.