Irena  Popović

Irena Popović (1974, Serbia) acquired her BA degree in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the classes of Professors Srđan Hofman and Zoran Erić and then continued her studies at the Department of Composition and Orchestration of Mozarteum University in Salzburg, in the class of Professor R. Febel. She is active as a composer of applied and film music. She has won numerous awards at various festivals in Serbia and abroad (e.g. International Review of Composers; International Small Scene Theatre Festival Rijeka, Croatia; Sterijino pozorje in Novi Sad, Serbia; Vojvodina Meetings, etc.).

Odbrojavam (Counting Down, 2015), for voices and three music boxes

Three broken, forgotten, abandoned… three forsaken, white on one side and milky purple on the other side… three mundane, everyday, ephemeral, significant, and above all painful MOMENTS, which you suppressed into the merry prism of sweet-talk… alas, a painful and broken time this is… the ticking of your watch… tick-tack, tick-tack…