Miroslav  Savić

Miroslav Savić (1954, Serbia) is active in various artistic domains – as a composer, music pedagogue, producer, sound designer, and performance artist.

He graduated from the composition class of Vasilije Mokranjac at the Academy of Music in Belgrade. Also, he studied conducting with Borislav Pašćan, chief conductor of Belgrade Opera at the time. He also finished courses in composition at the Electronic Studio of Belgrade Radio 3 and in Darmstadt. He was a member of the Ensemble for Different New Music and the avant-garde composers’ groups Nova generacija (New Generation), Opus 3, and Yummbel. He took an active part in the European project of minimal music. He is a member of the Composers’ Association as well as the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.

Since 2009, he has been a professor at the Computer Music Department of the New Academy of Arts in Belgrade and has taught, since 2003, music production at Kosta Manojlović Secondary School of Music. In addition, since 1975 he has served as chief editor of music at the Student Cultural Centre, where, besides organising concerts and festivals of contemporary and modern music, he has released a number of LPs, CDs, MCs, as well as books and catalogues.

Verbatim is a composition-happening for an unlimited number of little musical boxes and computer software. Note-by-note (Verbatim), precisely and accurately, rigorously and religiously, punctually and strictly, it applies the algorithms of cellular automata, random walk, Turing machines, and self-similar melodies (Tom Johnson) from the opening motives of Valcer za Vrbicu (Lazarus Saturday Waltz). The resulting complex sonic cloud is in all respects an apology for Cage’s famous happening HPSCHD for seven harpsichords and 208 magnetic tapes reproduced by 52 magnetic tape players.