Hoze Migel Arelano

José Miguel Arellano (1985, Chile/USA) is a composer currently based in Chicago, United States. His music has been performed at various festivals in countries including the US, Chile, Spain, Canada, and Italy, by ensembles such as Ensemble Linea (France), Vertixe Sonora (Spain), and Viollet Collective (Canada), among others. Arellano is working toward a doctorate at Northwestern University under the guidance of Hans Thomalla and Jay Alan Yim.

Entre el Cielo y la Tierra is a work in which I used a new type of tuning for the guitar, which let me explore new harmonies and ways to move on the fretboard. It is built on three small movements through which the melody plays an important role in transforming throughout the work, generating new gestures. The piece uses rhythmic patterns from flamenco and Venezuelan joropo.