Ivan Elezović

Ivan Elezović (Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) studied composition, music theory, and electronic music at the University of Manitoba, McGill University, and the University of Illinois, where he worked with Michael Matthews, Randolph Peters, Zack Settel, Alcides Lanza, Guy Garnett, Erik Lund, and Scott Wyatt.

His compositional output ranges from acoustic to electro-acoustic works including mixed media, and has won awards at numerous competitions and festivals in North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Dr Elezović’s compositional approach, honed and refined in North America, has demonstrated both good craftsmanship and an interest in pursuing innovative conceptual goals. Instead of pursuing a single style, Dr Elezović allows various materials and ideas to influence his approach and method in each new work. Presently, Dr Elezović is an Associate Professor and Head of Composition and Theory at Jackson State University.

Suspension, for piano – starting with simple and static contents, the introductory musical material slowly develops up to a point where musical parameters such as rhythm, register, and articulation grow structurally complex. Despite this development, the initial material becomes evident due to constant repetition of sonic parameters, which over the course of the piece becomes a recognisable object as a substitute for thematic material. The idea whereby these materials generate an illusion of progress along several different parameters gives the listener a false impression of their development and evolution.