Ofer Pelc

Ofer Pelz (Israel) composes music for diverse combinations of instruments and electro-acoustic media, and also improvises as a pianist and with electronics. He studied composition and music theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Subsequently, Pelz moved to Paris in order to participate in music technology and instrumental composition courses at the Conservatory of Blanc-Mesnil, the Paris Conservatory, and IRCAM. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate and teaches at the University of Montreal.
Pelz’s work has won many international awards including two ACUM awards and the Ernst von Siemens Grant. His music is regularly performed in Europe, USA, Canada, and Israel, in festivals such as La Biennale di Venezia, MATA Festival, and Nuova Consonanza. Pelz’s music is performed by ensembles such as Meitar Ensemble, Cairn Ensemble, Ardeo String Quartet, The Israel Contemporary Players, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, and Architek Percussion.

InsideOut (2007) – a piece in two parts, written for Meitar Ensemble in 2008, for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. The first part is very intense, contrapuntal, and creates a chaotic sensation. The second part, in character, contrasts the first part; it is slow, partly meditative, and exudes a feeling of harmony and poise. The piece thus features a contradiction between its two constituent parts, which makes them mutually complementary.

I was influenced by the character of free jazz improvisation. I tried to create an illusion that the ensemble is improvising, although everything is strictly written down. This illusion may direct the audience to search for surprises and spontaneity, which characterise improvisation, whilst making them otherwise sensitive to structure and form, which characterise the development of a written piece. The piece was premièred at Kfar-Blum Music Festival and has been performed on many occasions around the world.