Stanko Simić

Stanko Simić studied piano with Lidija Stan­ković and composition with Vlastimir Trajković and Zoran Erić at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. For the past several years, he has participated in various seminars held by renowned teachers such as Luca Francesconi, L. A. Smith, R. de Groot, Nils Henrik Asheim, Clemens Gadenstätter, Jean-Baptist Robin, and others. He was the finalist in the Krzystof Penderecki Arboretum International Composers’ Competition in Poland in 2012 as well as in the Città di Udine Composition Competition in Italy in 2014. In 2013, at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, his work Talasi (Waves), a trio for flute, violin, and piano, was awarded by the Josip Slavenski Fund.

Composed on the occasion of participation in an international festival in Austria (the 25th isaMasterClass) in summer 2015, Meditations, five piano pieces, resulted simply from the author’s need to compose music for solo piano. Each of the five pieces colours a microcosm of its own, and, combined with the remaining four, constructs one and the same temple. Understated in terms of expression, free of any excess, these pieces may also be presented as miniatures of sorts.