Aleksandar Vujić

Aleksandar Vujić (1945, Serbia), composer, conductor, and pianist. Vujić holds degrees in composition (supervised by Stanojlo Rajičić, Petar Ozgijan, and Vasilije Mokranjac), conducting (supervised by Dušan Skovran and Živojin Zdravković), and an MA degree in piano (supervised by Olga Mihailović), all from the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade. He was awarded four times as the best student in his year. He has won the Zoltán Kodály Award (1983), an award by the US government, the state order of Israel award (1988), first and third prize at the International Robert Schumann Choral Competition in Zwickau (1995), a gold medal for choral composition at Busan, South Korea (2002), and a gold medal at the International Choir Competition in Budapest (2009).

He is the founder, leader, and conductor of Sinfonietta chamber orchestra and the Madrigal Choir of the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, and the conductor of many ensembles, including Djakon Avakum Chamber Choir, Baruch Brothers Choir, Iuventus cantat, etc. He is a retired full professor of the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade and president of the Union of Serbian Choirs at Home and Abroad. His compositional oeuvre comprises choral and chamber works (for solo piano, solo violin, solo violoncello, violin and piano, violoncello and piano, string duo, string trio, and string quartet), as well as chamber and symphonic works. Works by Vujić have been published in the US, Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Serbia. The exclusive publisher of Vujić’s choral works is Synkope-Verlag from Germany.

When I began writing Three Piano Pieces Op. 83, I wanted to compose three contrasted movements, which would fit in the repertoire of most pianists. The opening movement is more of a meditative piece, dominated by the minor third. The second movement contrasts it by its sheer energy – March – dominated by the fourth, while the third movement is a real heaven for virtuoso pianists, from its quasi-niente opening to virtuosic passages in the left and right hand alike, with accentuation that makes its contents pulsate, causing pleasure in the performer and audience alike, if they are fond of virtuosity. The work is dedicated to the young pianist Ivan Bašić and his professor Nevena Popović. Bašić gave it its world première at Guarnerius Hall on 5 June 2015.