Katarina Rot

Katharina Roth (Germany) started composition in 2003 when she met Tilo Medek. In 2009 she began her studies in Lübeck and from 2011-2012 she studied composition with Daniel D’Adamo at the Conservatoire de Reims (France). She finished her Bachelor studies in composition with Dieter Mack in 2014 and her piano studies with Jacques Ammon, which she did at the same time, in 2015. Masterclasses with Samuel Adler, Sandeep Bhagwati, Oscar Bianchi and Johannes Schöllhorn were very important for her musical development. She worked with the ensembles L’Instant Donné, Analogue Translation, IEMA, hand werk and Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart. One of her current focus is vocal music.
Katharina Roth’s main compositional emphasis is in the field of chamber music. She writes a very fragile, intimate, transparent music while trying to fathom out the instrumental borders for creating very fine and breakable sound-textures.

Cachéfor women’s choir(2014). In my piece „caché“ for women’s choir I deal with two opposing materials: 1. sibilants in different colorful gradations (inspired by a blackcock-birdcaller), 2. lines and chords developing from a major second. The major second forms a common thread that runs throughout the piece.
Several parts of the piece demand a certain amount of particular personal (engagement and) responsibility of the singers. I was interested in the energy that can rise out of a mass of voices. Therefore a central element within this piece is an abrupt breaking off.
Compared to the first, the second part is much quieter. In this case I was searching for a kind of fragility that is only possible to achieve with female voice(s) and is multiplied by the use of a whole choir.