Ljubomir Nikolić

Ljubomir Nikolić (1976, Serbia) studied composition at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Prof. Miroslav Štatkić and graduated in the class of Prof. Rajko Maksimović in 2002 with Ratnik (Warrior), a symphony orchestra piece.
He is a participant in “Rivers of Europe”, a project funded by the EU cultural fund, where he is involved as a composer and music performer. Also, he took part in an unusual project involving an ensemble of harps, with two pieces, Bugarka (Bulgarian Dance) and Srpska igra (Serbian Dance).
Works by Nikolić have been performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York and the Great Hall of Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade; in 2017, his Musica Assoluta opened the 37th NOMUS festival, while his percussion compositions (Drops, Marimbophonia) were performed at the World Percussionists Summit in the United States.
Pieces by Nikolić have been performed in Italy, England, Poland, Romania, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and the US.

ARCHE, three pieces for the flute (ARCHE I, II, III), are works that the author, as he emphasises, approached by pursuing a dialectical path through the process of composition, wherein he looked for a personal (subjective) “primary source”, that is “arché”, using a philosophical grounding as his main idea, transposed to the artistic sphere.
The question that the author poses and contemplates is the following: “What are the ‘primary’ components of a musical work, how to treat and use them in composition, and is it possible to transform them in a contemporary environment?”
The dialectic of the compositional process is reflected in a peculiar way of presenting thematic material, predicated on “basic” components of a work of music (melody, harmony, and rhythm), which are juxtaposed to “contemporary” musical elements, such as texture, colour, and effects.
The piece is dedicated to the flutist Marija Pilipović.