Mihaela Vosganian

Mihaela Vosganian (Romania) trans-real artist – composer/dynamic performer (voice, midi -percussion, live electronics).
She is the founder of “archetypal trans-realism”,  a new spiritual esthetic orientation which proposes, to reinstate the archetypal functions of art – the ritual, the catharsis, the healing and the ecstasy – and to express a different form of the surreal, the trans-real, emerging from extended states of consciousness.
M.V. has received a degree in composition and a PhD from the Bucharest University of Music where she is currently professor of composition and polyphony. She has given lectures at international festivals and conferences events. Since 2002 she used to be the official guest of WMD as a composer
Recorded on DVD’s and CDs (including 6 composer’s CD), her music has been performed in Romania and internationally. As founder and Artistic Coordinator of Inter-art Contemporary music and Dance Group she has been toured in Romania and all over the world. She used to be the Director of SIMN and Multi Sonic Fest festivals.

Symmetries III for ensemble & processed sounds p.a. (2016) is a newest version of the Symmetries open series which belongs to the as “paradigmatic cycle” series of works related with Mihaela Vosganian’s intention of exhausting the reiteration of a matrix of specific musical vocabulary and semantic elements during several opuses.
The pieces is one of the works representing the idea of symmetry – both at the horizontally and vertically levels of melody, harmony, rhythms or artificial modes.  It is very suitable to versatile improvising ensembles which explore as well the fusion with the processed sounds.