Olga Milićević

Olga Milićević was born in 1987. She earned a master’s degree from the conducting class of Prof. Bojan Suđić at the Department of Conducting of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2012. Whilst still a student, she collaborated with numerous choirs and orchestras from Serbia and abroad. She attended conducting courses led by renowned conductors, such as Igor Matyukhov, Gennady Dmitryak, Andreas Hermann, Ronald Zollman… In 2012, Milićević became the accompanist of the Mixed Choir of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and began collaborating with conductors such as Bojan Suđić, Mladen Jagušt, Stanko Jovanović, Vladimir Kranjčević, Ivo Lipanović, etc. Between 2012 and 2014 Milićević worked at the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac as a teaching associate at the department of conducting. She founded the Belgrade-based mixed choir Equilibrium and in 2012 began working with St. Archangel Michael’s Vocal Ensemble. In 2015, she established professional collaboration with Ostrog Church Choral Society from Novi Banovci.
In April 2013, Milićević performed at the festival of sacred music Horovi među freskama (Choirs amid Frescoes) with St. Archangel Michael’s Vocal Ensemble, winning the Vojislav Ilić Best Conductor’s Award for her contribution in research and performance of contemporary, previously unperformed works of sacred music.