Božo Banović (1963, Serbia) graduated from the Department of Composition and Orchestration of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (studied with Prof. Rajko Maksimović and Prof. Vlastimir Trajković). His pieces were performed at previous International Review of Composers, Obzorja na Tisi in Novi Bečej, Guitar Open festival in Subotica, as well as in Slovenia, Italy, South Africa and Russia. He teaches and performes.

Spring Song (Prolećna pesma) – While composing this piece I let myself to be led by the dramaturgy of the Desanka Maksimović’s poetry which for the main part has resulted in parallelism of verses’ and music’s culmination points. Although I sometimes let the music “speak” for itself, my goal was interpretation of poetry rather than songwriting.

The piece was made at the initiative of Donne di Belgrado ensemble.