Dušan Bogdanović (1955, Serbia) composer and guitar player. His style is a fusion of contemporary classical music, jazz and world music. As a performer and in collaboration with artists of various stylistic orientations, he tours Europe, Asia and America. Ranging from music for solo guitar to chamber and orchestral music, he has over a hundred published pieces (Berben, Doberman, GSP) and more than 20 record releases with performances covering huge span from J. S. Bach’s trio sonatas to contemporary music (Intuition, GSP, Doberman, M.A. etc.).

After  finishing  his  education  at  Josip  Slavenski  Music School in Belgrade, he studied composition at Geneva Conservatory with Prof. Pierre Vissmer and guitar with Maria-Livia São Marcos. He was the winner of Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade, and Geneva International Competition (1975), which was followed by his debut at New York’s Carnegie Hall (1977). Afterwards he worked as professor at the newly launched guitar program at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, he taught at San Francisco Conservatory (1990-2007), and currently, he is professor at the Geneva Conservatory.

Little Box (Mala kutija) – Vasko Popa, my favorite Serbian poet of all times, has written Little Box (Mala kutija) as early as 1970. In a way similar to Russian matryoshka doll or Chinese boxes, Popa’s little boxes emerge one from another extending thus to infinity. My compositional approach followed Popa’s structural autogenesis principles: Little Box (Mala kutija) is harmonically based on harmonic series and palindrome as the formal principles of construction (symmetry of the box). It’s interesting that on the basis of such an reductive approach the whole world of melodic and harmonic thinking was opened, the world that served the construction of this piece. Just as Popa’s box has created its own personal universe, so has my piece created a whole range of music realities: lyric (Pevaj mala kutijo/ Sing, little box) advertising and buisnises (Mala kutija radi za vas/Little box works for you), combative (Žrtve male kutije/The little box’s victims), peaceful (Vratićemo malu kutiju u zagrljaj njenih malih časnih osobina/We’ll return the little box to the arms of its honorable attributes), allegoricallyuniversal (Nađite sada svet/Now find the world). Little Box (Mala kutija) was written in 2010 for trio Aneta Ilić, voice, Stana Krstajić, flute, and Natalija Mladenović, piano, with additional guitar.