Dragana S. Jovanović (1963) – composer, assistant professor at the Department of Music Theory of the Fac- ulty of Music in Belgrade. She obtained her M.Mus degeree in composition from the Faculty of Music in Bel- grade studying with Prof. Srđan Hofman and Prof. Milan Mihajlović. She composes various genres of music, and her pieces were performed at home and abroad. Cur- rently she attends doctoral program in composition at the Faculty of Music with Prof. Srđan Hofman.

Sounds of Mama Duna is an intercultural project initi- ated by German actress and producer Susanne Maier. The Danube (Dunav in Serbian) becomes Duna (female), water „fore-mother“ – from whom we have become, to whom we belong, on whom we depend. Mama Duna is manifested through different voices and noises of per- formers – she is breathing: giving birth to new life; whispering, talking and scream- ing; singing and leading to new life even after her own ends. On her way she absorbs and sublimes cultural and artistic influences of the countries she runs through.

The text is composed from selected sentences by German publicist Gregor Mirwa and words in imaginary „Danubian“ language (by D. Jovanović) that combine mean- ing and similarities of the words of certain Danube valley languages.

Ensemble consists of: mixed choir, ensemble Secondhanders (saxophone, accordion, harp, viola, violoncello, double bass, percussion), beat boxer, solo ethno singer (alto), sound of „bućka“ (device that fisherman use for catching catfish), and sampled sounds.

The piece was performed in Ulm (2010) and Budapest (2011).