Milorad Marinković (1976, Serbia) obtained the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in composition from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He received a few awards for composition. His works were performed on several occasions in Serbia and abroad. He is employed as an assistant for theoretical subjects at the Philological-Artistic Faculty in Kragujevac. He is married and the father of three children.

Serbian Folk Lullaby was created on motifs from three folk lullabies originating from the area surrounding Niš, “Spimaco spi” (Go to sleep little kitten), “Ljulja, ljulja, ljuške” (Rocking the crib) and “Beloliko Malino” (Fair Malina). I took the folklore material from the collection “Vocal music tradition of the surroundings of Niš” by Ana Hofman and Aleksandra Marković.

I adapted these lullabies in a tonal language with special harmonic elements which arise from the potential of the melody itself. The interesting thing is the metrics which is sometimes variable, and the accents typical of the area surrounding Niš, where I happen to come from. As an innovative element in this sound image, Istrian musical scale occurs in the second part of the lullaby, as a harmonic-melodic solution for the whole section, written to a commonly well-known melody of “Ljulja, ljulja, ljuške”, which is sung in many parts of Serbia. The lullaby is written for a six-voice mixed choir. The incentive to create the “Lullaby” was given to me by Prof. Aleksandar Vujić, for which I am very grateful.