Goran Načevski (1978, Macedonia). In 2000, he graduated in composition at the Music Faculty in Prague in the class of Prof. Dr. Milan Slavicky. In 2001, he graduated in singing at the same Faculty in the class of Prof. Rene Tuchek. In january 2006 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at the Music Faculty in Prague in the field of Music Theory with specialization in Theory of Composition.

Since 2006 he is a first role baritone soloist at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. At the same time, Nachevski works as assistant professor of music theory, composition and opera singing at the Music Faculty in Skopje.

Main works: Ballad for the Time, The Beginning of Autumn, Three Religious Songs (cycles for baritone and piano); String Trio; Wind Quintet; Scherzo for piano; Fantasy for organ; Elegy for strings (winner of the Gideon Klein prize); Hradebni Overture for orchestra; Like a Prayer – cantata for baritone and orchestra (performed in Rudolfinum Prague with the composer as the soloist); Gospodi pomiluj. Amen. for mixed choir; The Decision for orchestra (doctoral work, 2003); Six conversations and Fugue for violin and piano; Five Etudes for trumpet and harp; String quartet (2008); Five sketches for violin and cello (2010) etc.

Three religious songs  za bariton i klavir (2009)
1. Lacrimosa
2. Gospod e moj pastir (Lord is My Shepherd)
3. Laudamus te

The piece was written on the occasion of the death of my dear composition professor Milan Slavicky (1947–2009) from the Music Academy in Prague and is dedicated to him. The first and last songs contain Latin religious texts from Requiem and Mass, while the middle one was written in Macedonian based on a David’s Psalm from the Old Testament.