Vladimir Tošić (Serbia), composer, multimedia artist, Professor of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He studied composition with Prof. Vasilije Mokranjac at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He was awarded first prize at the Thomas Bloch compostion contest (Paris, 2000), and third prize at the Competition for Children’s Guitar Composition, for the piece Gitarrentage für Kinder (Lebach, Germany 2011). Vladimir Tosic’s pieces have been regularly performed in national and international concert halls and festivals of contemporary music. Tošić’s works have been performed several times in the USA, Germany, Brasil, Belgium, the Netherlands, Peru, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Argentina, Portugal, England and Japan.

His works have been published on numerous CD editions in Serbia and the USA, among which the CD MELANGE stands out (PGP RTS 2000).

The basis of composer’s creative approach is the reductionist principle of piece construction. All his works are processual, repetitive and based on a very small number of different elements, sometimes even one (color, rhythm, harmony…).

The most important pieces: Varial, Dual, Trial, Voksal, Fission, Fusion, Altus…

The composition Quintal, for mixed choir, brings a calm and relaxed musical tone, deprived of any unnecessary tension, and in that way, probably, counterpoints the stormy times in which it was created. The entire composition is based on a fifth interval, which in its perfect resonance establishes the dominant atmosphere, thus giving it the title name Quintal.  Technically speaking, the composition is primarily built on two parallel music processes. The first process is based on moving up the original fifth G-D by thirds until the polar relation is achieved, the fifth Cis-Gis. The second procedure is rhythmic, and it is carried out through gradual acceleration of the melodic stream by using ever smaller notes to reach the climax. The flow of music, then, in a symmetrically opposite direction, moves back to the original fifth G-D, and the composition ends in a peaceful tone, the way it began.